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The Lytham Kitchen

Hello All,

Boptom blog is proud to announce its brand new venture. From here on forward we will be posting reviews from local stores around both Lytham and Preston.

Here is a photo diary of the café and the amazing food it has to offer. I would also like to give a shoutout to the staff which were especially lovely.


Sunglasses- Salt



We can assure you, this tasted just as good as it looks here. It is poached eggs on granary bread which completely melts in your mouth.


So mouth-wateringly good…it is making us want to go back! 

salt shades

We couldn’t decide which glasses suited her best as she looked fabulous in both!






And the cake selection was to-die-for, the worst thing about The Lytham Kitchen is having to decide what you going to eat, it’s so tempting to try everything!

cherry backwell

The mother of all cherry bake-wells, this was just as crumbly as it was tasty. To have to sum it all up in one word…only ‘scrumptious’ comes to mind. I’m normally quite picky with my cherry bake-wells, especially because it is hard to get the right balance between just sweet enough and sickly but this one was perfect.

cherry bakewell again

These Salt frames are so glamorous and feminine they remind us of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Too many desserts…too little time.



The cafe is situated in the heart of Market Square in Lytham St Annes and aside from pouched eggs and cherry bake-wells other food options include: sandwiches, toasties, paninis, jacket potatoes, cakes and pastries to hearty all-day breakfasts, along with ‘Chef’s Specials‘.

Mark said: “We believe the key to great food is to use the freshest ingredients, and as we source ours locally, they are always the best.

“We use locally sourced food and we shop from Lytham stores as much as we can.

“We cook all our food and cakes from scratch and we also do a gluten-free and vegetarian range.”

“The gluten-free range has really kicked-off after being featured on some gluten-free blogs and it is a key part of our business.”


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