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Eye Examination

Eye Examination Pricing

We offer a range of eye assessments for your specific needs:

Total Care Examination

Over recent years healthcare has become even more important to us all than ever before. We have seen greater demand for our enhanced eyecare services.

In order to offer our new Total Care Examination we have invested in new technology in each of our practices.
We now include both OCT and Optomap retinal examinations as part of your Total Care Examination at each practice.

Total Care Examination:
• £90 (including Full Eye Examination plus Optomap Retinal Examination and OCT retinal examination)
• Free to Broadhurst Plan members
• £57 upgrade where eligible for an NHS examination
• 50 minute comprehensive consultation

This is our Gold standard appointment, the pièce de résistance of our eye examinations, delivering the optimum level of eyecare.


Advanced Eye Examination

• £69 Our Advanced Eye Examination includes the Full Eye Examination plus Optomap retinal examination

• Only £35 upgrade where eligible for an NHS examination

• 45 minute advanced examination


Basic Full Eye Examination

Free to NHS patients
40 minute standard eye examination


Free Basic NHS Test

If you are an NHS patient, you can enjoy the benefits of our Basic Full Eye Examination with the option to upgrade to our Total care or Advanced Eye Examinations.

To upgrade to Total Care Examination: £57
To upgrade to Advanced Eye Examination: £35

We will test your vision and a provide a spectacle prescription if needed.

The NHS eye examination is covered for visual symptoms such as blurred vision. It is not suitable for investigating symptoms such as red eye, flashes, floaters, dry eye or foreign body sensation.

In Preston we are part of a local scheme which specifically investigates people presenting with minor eye conditions (MECS) and we can do this within our practice which helps you avoid waiting times at A&E and your GP surgery.

In Lytham we are part of a scheme which deals with Urgent Eyecare Services (CUES) should you have an urgent eyecare need.

Proof of eligibility may be required.

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Free NHS Test

Your next eye test

Your next eye test

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