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Broadhurst Optometrists Eyewear Consultation

Eyewear Consultation

If you have recently had a change in prescription, you fancy a new pair of glasses or you simply want to browse our curated collections, we would love to see you for an eyewear consultation.

Our Tom Davies Bespoke service is offered at both of our practices in Lytham and Preston where we can adapt any TD Tom Davies frame to suit your requirements and individual style. It gives us the power to design the perfect frame, especially created just for you.


As part of this service, frames can be manufactured in a range of different materials from acetate, titanium and even horn.

Broadhurst Optometrists
Eyewear consultation at work

What are your vision requirements at work? 

We have even dispensed a client that needed stylish glasses which would fit under his fencing mask! No request is too obscure, after all, helping you choose your next eyewear is our favourite thing to do.

Glasses on Display
Womens Stylish Glasses
Ski Goggles
Bespoke Eyewear

We'll help you find a look that suits you

Keeping up with eyewear trends, both independent and mainstream is also a priority for us. Just as important as it is for eyewear to be functional, we believe it should also be fun too. Eyewear is, and has been, a huge fashion accessory for a long time now. The right pair of glasses can really bring out your personality and style.

Our clients are also offered complimentary colour consultations alongside their frame styling to help narrow down the choices for eyewear. Clients will be given hand mirrors to see their frame choices and we also take pictures of them on our Ipad, so they can easily flick through potential frame options. We also have full length mirrors to show our customers how their eyewear will complement their whole outfits, giving them a better idea of how they will look on a day-to-day basis.

Book a 1-2 hour consultation for the Broadhurst Experience by calling our practice today or alternatively pop in to see us

A collection appointment in style

After the dispense is complete, each customer is booked in for a personal collection appointment. The glasses are displayed in suede lined leather trays in order to give our customers a true luxury experience. 

When you visit a jewellery store, they will showcase their items in this way, we believe our products are also valuable and deserve the same respect as expensive jewellery. Once you are happy with the fit of the frames, we give tailored advice on how to maintain the glasses. 

We will also offer bespoke lens sprays in a metal casing, branded with the Broadhurst logo, for customers to carry their purchases. Most of the time our clients don’t want to wear their old glasses anymore and will keep their new frames on.

Women having a personal collection appointment
Women wearing bespoke glasses
Man wearing round glasses
Women wearing stylish new glasses
Glasses being measured
Get glasses unlike anyone else

From a customer perspective, we believe exclusivity and limited availability of a product contributes to defining luxury. For this reason, we wanted to showcase the most independent brands, beautifully crafted and each bringing something different new to the optics scene in both Lytham and Preston.

Browse a selection of frames here, however we only display a fraction of our frame ranges on the website because just like dating online isn’t as good as dating in real life – our frames are much better in the flesh.

We would love to see you for an eyewear consultation

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