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Specialist contact lenses

Specialist Contact Lenses

We have an array of specialist contact lenses that we fit for specific eye conditions

See the world in a new way with our selection of bespoke contact lenses. If you’ve been told you can’t wear them with your condition, we can prove them wrong. We are able to tailor the lenses for your needs so you can enjoy the freedom of contact lenses, and get even better vision than you would with spectacles.

Keratoconus lenses

Our expert team is experienced in fitting patients with Keratoconus and other Ectatic corneal disorders including damaged, distorted and diseased corneas.


One of our optometrists, Imran Darbar has first-hand experience of Keratoconus which gives him an added wealth of knowledge about managing the eye condition. You can read more about his diagnosis journey and management tips here.

What is Keratoconus?

The eye condition affects the clear dome-shaped window at the front of your eye called the cornea. It is the cornea’s job to produce a clear image by focussing light into your eye. Patients who have the condition will find their cornea becomes thinner and therefore weaker at the centre which causes issues such as distorted and blurry vision. The light being focussed by your cornea forms an unclear image at the back of your eye (also known as the retina).


In the early stages, glasses may help correct vision, but as the condition progresses you may find that glasses no longer help. However, a lot of patients with irregular corneas find that contact lenses can help to get an excellent level of vision. General soft lenses may be adequate in the early onset of the disease but as the cornea changes specialised lenses are needed.

What we can do

We provide the latest lens designs for patients who have any form of irregular cornea, these lenses help you to achieve the best vision and comfort for you. In some cases we can even have a lens specially designed for your specific needs.

Lens Types

Lens types available include and are not limited to: Zen Lens,Bausch & Lomb, No7, ICD, So Clear, Synergeyes, Kerasoft

Imran's Keratoconus Story

Our optometrist, Imran Darbar, gives us a first-hand account on his keratoconus story from diagnosis to how it affects his daily life. 

Imran's Keratoconus Story
Occlusive Contact Lenses

Occlusive Contact Lenses

These lenses are designed for patients who suffer from double vision (diplopia). They are therapeutic contact lenses aided to improve or in some cases illuminate double vision.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

We provide contact lenses for patients who have been through ocular trauma or ocular related surgery. We understand the importance of finding a subtle and comfortable solution for you. We can fit lenses that are hand painted or printed lenses to cover scars or damage to the front of the eye and improve visual appearance by copying the appearance of the unaffected eye.

Chromagen Contact Lenses

ChromaGen has been clinically proven to help improve the accuracy of reading, writing, comprehension and to help patients who suffer from either colour deficiency or academic skills disorders (ASD) which include:

– Dyslexia
– Colour deficiency
– Dyspraxia (lack of coordination; clumsiness), and other learning related difficulties.

In some cases, ChromaGen has also been known to help migraine sufferers and they can also enhance the safety of those who are colour deficient who struggle to identify car lights and traffic.

Chromagen Contact Lenses

What is ChromaGen?

ChromaGen is a system of nine coloured filters of a known density and colour hue which, when prescribed to sufferers of the eye conditions mentioned above, has been proven to improve these disorders.

Want to know more about how colour can help?

Check out our Overlays and Colorimetry services.​

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