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Small Child with Large Glasses

Broadhurst Broad Bean Club

At Broadhurst’s, we are extremely passionate about children’s eye care and dedicated to making sure your child’s experience is to the highest clinical standard, whilst being fun and enjoyable at the same time.

Boadhurst Broad Bean Club

Children's Glasses

We have meticulously sourced a stunning range of alternative children’s glasses brands if you are looking for something a little different such as: Zoobug, X-IDE, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Etnia Barcelona and Tomato Glasses.


We cater to any age from babies to teenagers and we also offer frame options that are completely free through the NHS. Especially designed with kids in mind, our children’s frame ranges are quite varied and you are sure to find the perfect frame, to fit to your child’s specific needs.

Children's Glasses
Broadhurst Children's Glasses Display
Young boy wearing glasses
Group of Children Wearing Glasses
Children Wearing Glasses and Contact Lenses
Two Young Boys Wearing Glasses

Children's Sunglasses

We believe children need to protect their eyes from UV just as much as adults do. In fact, it has been recommended that very small children and babies should not be in the sun at all.


The Association of Dispensing Opticians has said: ‘Protect your child’s eyes with sunglasses that meet the British Standard and carry the “CE” mark.’ We stock a variety of sunglasses frames that will keep your child safe in the sun.

Children's Sunglasses
Broadhurst Children's Waiting Area

Free NHS Eye Examinations

NHS children’s eye examinations are free to all patients under 16 years. We recommend that even pre-school children should have their eyes tested, as vision develops rapidly in the early years. We have even tested children as young as six months old.

If your child struggles with reading letters and numbers, we also use various other methods such word matching or picture identification which is enough for an optometrist to examine vision.

Autistic or non-verbal patients can also have eye examinations using other non-invasive methods.

Contact Lens Fitting for Children

Did you know that young children can also be fitted with contact lenses? Our MiSight contact lenses can potentially reduce the rate of progression of myopia in young children. Over a three-year clinical trial, the one-day contact lenses reduced myopia progression by 59%*.

Many parents and carers worry about whether their child is mature enough to handle and manage wearing contact lenses. However, one of our optometrists will do a thorough contact lens assessment, checking the contact lenses and ensuring the vision is good before teaching your child how to use them.


Contact Lens For Children
Coloured Overlays

Please see our section under 'Specialist Services' under 'Colorimetry'

Vision Training

Vision Training

Students who have good visual ability read faster, with less effort and can understand more of what they read, allowing them to retain information better.


Vision therapy provides the opportunity to use your vision in the most efficient manner. The basic skills of accommodation and convergence are developed with each child. Other activities are also programmed to meet the specific needs of each individual.

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