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Sunglasses advised: Heatwave returns!

Heatwave to return with a vengeance! What better time for a little blogging about sunglasses?

Here are some great reasons to treat yourself to a pair or two of sunglasses this Summer?

Reason 1: UV Protection:

Firstly sunglasses offer much needed protection. The exposure that we are concerned with is UVA and UVB as UVC rays are absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere. UV is around not just on sunny days, but cloudy days too. We should be considering UV protection whenever we are outdoors.

UVA rays, which account for the majority of UV exposure can damage the retina of the eye.UVB rays can cause sunburn (including of the eye) and also pterygium (an abnormal growth on the surface of the eye). UVB rays can also accelerate cataract development and age-related macular degeneration. The eyelid is one form of protection from these rays. It is not entirely effective and therefore sunglasses are strongly recommended. Importantly children are even more at risk from UV exposure than adults. Sunglasses for children really are essential in the same way as sun cream.

Polarised sunglasses or Transitions?

Transitions lenses which change tint depending on the amount of UV are a great option. They are perfect for cloudier days as they offer UV protection at all times. Some sunglasses are now photochromic, starting off with a lighter tint for duller days but darkening in more intense sunshine. Recent advancements in photochromic technology mean that you can now choose transitions that darken behind a car windscreen.

It may be worth considering choosing polarised lenses for your next pair. These are great for removing reflected glare from the sun. These are a must for fishermen! Even if fishing isn’t your sport most of us would find them beneficial. Polarised lenses can be found in many ready to wear sunglasses and can also be made with your prescription.

We love Xperio lenses, you can find out more about them here:

Ask in store and we can show you a demonstration to help you to select the best option for you.

Reason 2: Sunglasses style:

Secondly let’s just consider the aesthetic reasons. A well-chosen pair of sunglasses adds an unquestionable style boost to any outfit. Karl Lagerfeld said that ‘Sunglasses are like eye-shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty.’

Choose sunglasses that suit your style, rather than simply what is in fashion. Not only will you look fantastic but you will be able to build a timeless collection for different looks. Fashion is fleeting, finding/knowing your own personal style is the starting point to choosing your next pair. Our advisors can give you some guidance if needed.

Sunglasses from British designer Tom Davies, image captured in Lytham.

Reason 3: Feeling good:

Finally sunglasses give the ultimate feel good factor. The message to protect your eyes really is important hence the work being done to highlight the issue by organisations such as The Vision Council. The good news is, unlike most healthy living messages that we receive treating yourself to some stylish, quality sunglasses is a pleasure! You can feel good knowing that not only have you added to or begun to curate your very own eyewear collection, but it is good for your eye health!

Where should you start? We have a great range of sunglasses in practice to suit all styles, activities and occasions. Here are a few picks that might just match your style personality. If not, pop in to see one of our eyewear stylists and we will match you to your perfect pair.

Thierry Lasry Wavvy available from our Lytham practice.

Spanish style from Etnia Barcelona.

From British designer Tom Davies Silver collection.

Iconic brand Moscot offer a great sunclip option for prescription wearers.


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