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‘Screw’ is a dirty word for Lindberg

‘Screw’ is a dirty word for Lindberg

Did you know? Lindberg was the first company to patent a completely screw-free frame without welds and rivets too! It’s not hard to spot the frames because of their clean shapes and seamless construction.

Taking inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic of Danish modernism, the glasses are steeped in the tradition of discreet and classic elegance. So, if you have a connoisseur’s appreciation of incomparable design and high-quality materials, Lindberg is for you.


Established in 1969, by Hanne and Paul Lindberg, the brand made waves within the optics scene a few years later when they invented the first Air Titanium frames. This undoubtedly revolutionised the entire eyewear industry as they knew it. At that time, titanium was most commonly used within the aerospace and aviation sectors but due to the Lindberg duo’s tenacity, they managed to purchase the metal from an American supplier.


To this day, it’s no secret these glasses are not only the lightest (making them VERY comfortable) but also the strongest and most flexible frames. However, that doesn’t mean the brand compromises on style. Gone are the days where the brand was known synonymously with strictly rimless spectacles. They also produce frames using materials such as acetate, gold, platinum, diamond and even natural animal horn.

So, if subtlety, comfort, and functionality are right up there on your priority list with fashion, these glasses are the perfect fit for you.

Worn by the likes of Giorgio Armani and Miuccia Prada, the company has repeat clients who reportedly have over 20 pairs!

“Make a statement: LINDBERG eyewear tells the world you subscribe to a different way of thinking.”

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