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Making the unwearable, wearable

On first glance, you wouldn’t think the FACE A FACE Alium frame would be the most wearable frame on the planet. It is bold and not to mention bright…very bright.

Our challenge today is to show you not to judge a frame by how it looks on the shelf. It is so versatile, not only can you dress them down by adding a pop of fun to an otherwise casual outfit but you can also dress them up with a smart ensemble. Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it? Take a look for yourself:

Three-piece suit: Slators

Steven is looking dashing in this suit and the glasses really do make the outfit but he wasn’t too sure about them to start with…

“Don’t get me wrong, they are nice glasses I just didn’t think they would ever look good on me. They are so colourful, I normally go for dark and muted tones so this was completely out of my comfort zone. I thought I would try them on even though deep down I thought they would look very silly on me. I’m pleasantly surprised at how they actually compliment my outfit. Never would I ever have thought so. It’s made me think about going out of my comfort zone and trying new styles.”

Shirt: ASOS, tie: Next

Louis has a grungey cool style, so these glasses didn’t scare him. We asked him his thoughts about them:

Louis said: “I immediately liked how different the colour was. It’s not something I would normally go for but when you wear them with the outfit I wore, it just felt right.”

“They are so comfortable to wear especially because of how light they are. I also like the fact they are stylish and modern, just the way glasses are going at the moment. They make a statement, in a good way.”

Jacket: charity shop Top: Fred Perry

Jeans: Topshop

We hope you liked this style blog and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you be more inclined to try something wild the next time you’re buying glasses?


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