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Music For Your Heart and Soul

Have a read below, as we have some wise words from our Boptom hearing guy (or audiologist) Milan Patel


Even the most calm and peaceful people amongst us can find themselves getting anxious and stressed in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

It is true that although we have access to numerous health professionals and therapies, research suggests very few people actually make use of these helpful resources.

If you’re like me and you simply don’t have the time, I’d like to offer a simple alternative… MUSIC!

Now, this is the part when I have to put my audiologist hat on and say please avoid listening to music too loudly.

Phew, now that housekeeping is out of the way, I can continue telling you about how music is such an amazing tool for stress relief in our busy routines.

And, if that wasn’t enough, music is also a fantastic source of motivation. You may be in a bit of a pickle and you need to burn the midnight oil to nail that presentation? Or, maybe you need that push to complete your super sets at the gym for that perfectly sculptured six pack?

I personally like to listen to certain genres of music when I am feeling a little under the weather because it helps me put things into perspective. I love it when I’m able to relate to the artist because they are singing about a similar problem (think heartbreak…awww).

I’m sure at this point many of you are thinking this is hardly rocket science, yet so many of us find ourselves in situations of stress, anger, and annoyance not knowing how to overcome them. This can often result in taking negative and or damaging actions. Instead, just strut right over to your iphone, ipod or android powered device (sorry if I’ve missed any) and start playing those records DJ.

Each of our sensory organs, including our auditory system is behaviourally driven. Let’s put this into real time examples: When we smell our mum’s home made cookies baking in the oven, it makes us nostalgic. It taps into all our childhood memories.

When we see Liverpool thrashing Manchester United it reminds us of catching a burger and maybe a beer at the local sports bar and it makes us happy (maybe not so much for the United supporters).

We can apply this theory to when we hear our favourite song as naturally it will make us feel we will persevere, endure and overcome all of life’s pesky curve balls.

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