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Did you know this about your child’s eye examination?

Eye examinations are free for children at regular intervals throughout their childhood. We recommend that every child aged 3 onwards should have an eye examination and we can test form 6 months old. Children’s vision is integral to their learning and regular checks will ensure that they have the best start.

We want your child to love coming along for their eye examination and have created our own kids’ club for ages 3-10. We have our own characters Bop, Tom, Pop & Mom who feature on stickers and the club membership cards.

Typical goody bag contains 3-4 item and contents may vary.

If your child does need glasses we have a fantastic range available. Our Dispensing Opticians are on hand to help choose from those free on a voucher or upgrade from a wide selection including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Etnia Barcelona and X-Ide. We also offer contact lens fitting and sports glasses.

Did you know that children’s eyes are more at risk of sun damage than adults? More than 80% of UV exposure will occur before the age of 18. Whether or not your child needs a prescription, sunglasses are a must. We stock a great range of options for your child all with UV protection.

For information about our contact lens fitting for children, vision training, coloured overlay assessments and colorimetry visit


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