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Can going to the opticians help you with migraines?

Experiencing visual disturbances such as flashing / shimmering lights in your sight can be quite disturbing. Especially when you don’t know why it is happening.

Jennifer Smith, an optometrist at Broadhurst Optometrists, says: “If you are experiencing them for the first time it is very important to visit your optician in order to rule out any other conditions.” If the visual disturbance is linked to a migraine, there is usually no headache during the disturbance. The visual problems are generally described as a zig-zag pattern or partially blurred vision and may be apparent even when your eyes are shut. A typical visual disturbance related to migraine normally lasts about 20-30 minutes.

What are the common triggers for migraine?

Common triggers include fatigue, stress, flickering or flashing lights (such as fluorescent lights in an office space), dehydration, glare from a computer, window or white paper, exercise, certain foods such as alcohol, chocolate or cheese and heat.

It is important to track the occurrences in a diary in order to pinpoint what your triggers are and show them to your optometrist in order to get further advice on how to reduce the symptoms.

How we can help?

Although there is no cure for migraines some sufferers are especially sensitive to light, and if light is a trigger for you we have some products which can help.

Vista-Mesh lenses for glasses

Vista-Mesh is a unique lens formation which reduces visual stress. It works by aligning scattered light reflections, dampens flicker, sharpens contrast and reduces eye strain. It also aims to deflect EMI radiations.

Diane Proctor, dispensing optician at Broadhurst Optometrists, said: “I had a patient who was suffering severe headaches due to the flickering of fluorescent lights at his workplace. I recommend the Vista-Mesh lenses and now he swears by them. He has said it really works for him.”

What’s great about the lenses is that you can’t tell your glasses lenses has the technology in it unless you hold the glasses to a white piece of paper. Vista-Mesh is also used for motorway driving, motion sickness, post-cataract and special needs reading. For more information and testimonials click here:

ChromaGen contact lenses

ChromaGen contact lenses are for patients who have conditions such as colour blindness and Dyslexia, the lenses are tinted which some patients find helpful for minimising migraine symptoms.

If you’d like to know more about our products please contact us at or call our practice on 01772 822591


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