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The elusive world of

We are cordially inviting you to step into the elusive world of DITA, on the 21st of September at Broadhurst Lytham, to attend an exclusive trunk-show.

What is DITA?

It is difficult to find the right words to truly encapsulate the DITA brand without doing it a disservice. The only way I can try, is by telling you how the brand feels.

With its strict policy against large-scale campaigns, advertising and endorsement deals, DITA screams exclusivity. When you finally get your hands on frame, you feel like you’ve infiltrated an exclusive club, and rightly so, because DITA is the benchmark for other brands to reach towards when it comes to both design and manufacturing.


All DITA frames are handmade in Japan, with materials ranging from 18K gold, titanium and Zyl acetates. Where brands that process huge amounts of acetate frames produce their acetate in the quickest and cheapest way possible, DITA illustrates its uncompromising production principles with how it polishes its acetate frames.Traditional bamboo techniques are used to slowly tumble the acetate between hand-cut bamboo chips of different sizes, in order to create DITA’s unwavering high-quality finish.


The brand’s master craftsmen have committed more than 50 years to honing and perfecting their art. Their relentless evaluation of each frame’s look, fit and finishing throughout the creation process is carried out by running their hands over the surface of the product to search for the slightest blemish or imbalance. The craftmen and master craftsmen won’t stop shaping and polishing until they attain perfection.

The complete frame is foil stamped with the DITA trademark, along with the style of the frame and sizing details.


Here is a behind-the-scenes of DITA’s state of the art production:


DITA is and has been the celebrity go-to for more than two decades. It is worn by the likes of Mark Verstappen, Jamie Foxx, Dita Von Teese, Dwayne Johnson and Nikki Minaj to name just.


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