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Competition time! Kirk and Kirk

Meet the Teleidoscope- it’s certainly like your normal kaleidoscope but instead, it uses a multi-faceted lens and no beads. What this means is that we are opened up to the possibility of turning absolutely any image around us into a kaleidoscope image.


Kirk and Kirk have launched a campaign where customers all over the world can pop into their nearest Kirk and Kirk stockist and start creating beautiful imagery.

If you aren’t familiar with Kirk and Kirk, the Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since the launch of their first store in London almost 95 years ago. From the get go, the brand was the face of innovation not only in their design process but also in the way in which they presented their work.

What is interesting to know is, their couriers were the first to deliver by motobike, cutting through that traffic and delivering their goods quickly and efficiently.

Both style and service were vital to the Kirk family values and three generations later, Jason and Karen Kirk created their own brand Kirk and Kirk.

****All entries are to be posted online with the hashtag and the best entries from both March and April will win their very own Kirk and Kirk glasses / sunglasses!




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