Children’s Eyecare in Preston and Lytham

Services offered:

  • Free NHS eye exams
  • Contact lens fitting for children
  • Coloured overlays for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties
  • Vision training
  • Colorimetry
  • Wide ranges of children frames (including free NHS)
  • Goody bag for the under 12’s

At Broadhursts we are passionate about children’s eye care and we aim to make your child’s eye care experience lots of fun.

We recommend that every pre school child should have an eye examination. We can examine your child’s eyes at any age. This is especially important as vision develops rapidly in the early years. We provide free NHS children’s eye examinations to all under 16’s.

Some of the benefits of your children having regular eye care exams include:

  • Monitoring the development of your child’s vision
  • Some undetected visual problems can lead to long term reduced vision
  • Regular eye care means we can build up an increasingly complex picture of your child’s vision as he or she becomes more able to cooperate with the eye examination
  • Your child will grow up understanding the benefits of looking after their most precious of senses- their sight

Most children do not need spectacles, but if your child does, you can be confident of:

  • A friendly approach to their eye care
  • Great advice on what glasses are available and great value for money
  • Contact lens advice if appropriate- age is no longer a barrier to successful, safe contact lens wear

Some children struggle with tasks including reading, writing and spelling due to difficulties with their vision. Optometric treatment for a vision dysfunction may include the use of lenses, prisms, tints and visual training programmes. For more information on this subject see:

Contact lenses for children

Please visit the contact lenses for children page for more information.

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