MiSight Treatment for Myopia

MiSight is a revolutionary new treatment which significantly slows the progression of myopia*, most commonly known as short-sightedness.
Although myopia is a common eye condition in both adults and children, it currently affects around 80 million children around the world**, a figure which is set to increase sharply by 2050.
The average onset age of myopia is also getting progressively younger; in 1983 it was 11-years-old, whereas in 2000 it was eight-years-old***.

Symtoms to look out for

  • Complaints of headaches or tired eyes
  • Difficulty seeing the front of the classroom
  • Not able to notice distant objects
  • Blinking excessively
  • Sitting close to the TV or screens
  • Holding books very closely while reading
  • Rubbing eyes frequently
  • Squinting

What causes short-sightedness

The two main risk factors for developing myopia are:  Genetic  – having short-sighted parents
Behavioural – reading/gaming on portable devices, low levels of outdoor activity and poor lighting.


MiSight is a daily disposable soft contact lens suitable for children as young as eight-years-old. Initially, we will assess your child’s suitablility for the treatment. The next step is to fit the contact lenses and to teach your child how to succesfully insert and remove them. It is important to note the contact lenses must be worn for a minimum of six or more days per week, for atleast 10 or more hours per day.

Success rate

Over a three year clinical trial, MiSight 1-day contact lenses reduced myopia progression by 59% (compared with standard single vision correction) with:

  • 90% of children preferring to wear MiSight contact lenses over spectacles
  • 90% of children able to insert and remove contact lenses on their own
  • 100% of parents saying their children were happy with the experience


The initial assessment cost is FREE and then you will be required to sign up to our Plan2BFree subscription, which is a monthly direct debit of £45.
This will include:

  • Regular supplies of contact lenses
  • Contact lens examination
  • Annual eye examination with:
  • Optomap retinal imaging (Preston) or
  • OCT examination (Lytham)
  • 30% discount off glasses (excludes ready-readers)
  • 30% discount off sunglasses.
(£40 registration fee for Plan2BFree)
Please note: If the direct debit is cancelled within 12 months the initial appointments and the full retail cost of the products will be charged.



*Compared with a single – vision, one-day lens over a three-year period.
** Siatkowski RM, Cotter SA, et al. Two-year Multicenter, Randomised, Double-masked, placebo-controlled, paralell Safety and Efficacy Study of 2 & Pirenzepine Opthalmic Gel in Children with Myopia. J AAPOS 2008; 12:332-339
***Wolffsohn JS, Calossi A, Cho P, et al. Global Trends in Myopia Management Attitudes and Strategies in clinical Practice. Cont Lens Anterior Eye. 2016; 39:106-16

MiSight 1 day contact lenses may not slow the rate of myopia progression in ALL children and will not cure myopia.

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