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Pets in Specs Pet competition

We love pet competitions!

Once again pets of Lancashire will don their owners specs in search of stardom! Yes, Pets In Specs is back!

If you missed the competition the first time round, here’s how to enter:

dog window

Pet competition. Pets in specs.


Enter our pet competition.

The picture with the most likes on our Facebook page on 31st July will win 2 fantastic prizes…

1) A blown up foam cut out model of your pet will be created and will feature in our window, giving your pet its 15 minutes of fame.

2) A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for you!

Don’t miss out, get snapping today.

**final decision will be made on 31st July. A post on facebook will feature the winning pet. The winner can claim the prize by emailing This competition is not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook or Ray-Ban.***

Unique frame design

Unique frame designs exclusive to Broadhurst Optometrists! On Thursday 18th June, myself and Diane headed down to Sloane Square, London for the Tom Davies Creative Lab. For those unfamiliar with Tom Davies he is a British frame designer who created a facility for opticians worldwide to create unique, bespoke eyewear for their clients. We have been involved with Tom Davies bespoke service for 8 years now, with Tom visiting our Preston practice to design frames for a handful of our clients all those years ago. With Tom, things are progressing constantly and I am exceptionally passionate about the facility that the Tom Davies range offers our clients. There is no need to compromise on fit, style, colour, feel or material any longer as we are now able to create a frame perfectly suited to you.

Tom explains the processes that he follows when dispensing a bespoke frame.

Tom explains the processes that he follows when dispensing a bespoke frame.

Our trip to Chelsea.
When we were invited to the Tom Davies Creative Lab I jumped at the chance. We headed down early Thursday morning to meet Tom and his team at Tom’s Kitchen, a modern British brasserie in Chelsea. The day was a real treat and began with advice from Tom regarding how to perfect frame styling to suit any face, how to disguise any asymmetry and highlight cheekbones and eyes, using the face shape and brow line for guidance. We were then given the opportunity to design frames ourselves that would later be available on our own practice ‘supertool’ app to be put into production! I pushed the boundaries of design somewhat as it was such a great opportunity to work with the latest materials. We were then treated to sumptuous nibbles before heading off to the Tom Davies store in Sloane Square.

Amazing nibbles from Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea.

Amazing nibbles from Tom’s Kitchen, Chelsea.

A couple of the designs that I have worked on, these should be available in practice shortly!

A couple of the designs that I have worked on, these should be available in practice shortly!

Tom’s range in store.
Tom has created a fabulous store in London that facilitates the dispensing of his frames beautifully. I’m now feeling inspired to relocate our Tom Davies section to a prime location in practice as I genuinely believe that a Tom Davies frame should be the first choice for any clients in the market for eyewear. We have many thrilled clients wearing Tom Davies frames, some with a very slight tweak to a ready to wear design and others that have been designed from scratch just for them. Tom Davies frames are no longer just for those of us that struggle to find a frame to fit, or those wanting a unique one off piece, Tom Davies frames are for everyone, after all don’t we all want to feel so comfortable that we forget we’re wearing glasses at all?

Some of the stunning pieces from the new Tom Davies collection.

Some of the stunning pieces from the new Tom Davies collection.

Ask in practice about our recommendations for you. Watch this space for mine and Diane’s creations!!

Call 01772 822591 or email for further information.


Free transitions upgrade now!

Choose single vision lenses or Varilux S Series lenses with Crizal and you can upgrade to transitions for free!

There is more great news, Transitions are now widely available in a special XTRActive version which NOW CHANGES IN THE CAR!!! This is very exciting for us as that has often been the greatest drawback of Transitions lenses in the past.

Ask in opractice about Transitions options and you can even enter a competition to win a car just for enquiring!

Watch the video here for a demonstration of this technology:

New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

Silhouette of happy young woman leaping into the airHappy 2015 from everyone here at Broadhurst Opticians! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? It’s hard to break old habits or make new ones, which is what resolutions are all about. But if we can all just stick to one new habit, let’s choose not to be so hard on ourselves.

Why we’re bad at New Year’s resolutions

Most resolutions fail because they’re just too difficult. Getting fit is a prime example. Vowing to get up early for a five-mile run three times a week seems perfectly do-able from the comfort of your armchair. It’s a totally different story at 6am in the dark with rain thundering down outside.

Be nicer to yourself

So, instead of setting yourself up to fail, try making your goals easier to achieve. If you need to lose weight, try switching to smaller portions rather than cutting out your favourite foods altogether. If you’re out of shape, start small; getting into the habit of regular exercise is more important than the activity or intensity – do something you enjoy.

Most of all, remember you’re only human. We all fall off the wagon when we’re tired, fed up or tempted. The main thing is not to give up, and forgive yourself if you make a mistake. Accepting you’re not going to be perfect will help get back on track when you inevitably slip up.

Easy ways to a new you

If you want to be a better you this year, your eyes are a good place to start. If you’ve been wearing glasses for a long time, you might be stuck in a rut. Do your glasses suit your lifestyle and your personality? And, are you sure your prescription still meets your needs?

Make an eyewear makeover your New Year’s resolution. We offer a free consultation that includes:

1. Prescription analysis and lens advice tailored to your lifestyle
2. Frame selection and advice tailored to your personal style
Get in touch with Mike to book a free eyewear consultation free eyewear consultation >>>

Whatever you have planned for 2015, we wish you every success, and look forward to seeing you soon.

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