Eyewear Consultations

Our eyewear consultations are free of charge and are available to existing clients and new clients booking an eye examination with us. We also warmly welcome clients to bring their prescriptions from elsewhere to us. Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair of glasses or eyewear for your next ski trip, we can help. The eyewear consultation is free of charge. Simply complete the booking form, or call the practice and we will book an appointment at your convenience. We look forward to seeing you!

What is an eyewear consultation?

In simple terms, an eyewear consultation is an analysis of your prescription, lifestyle and personality to determine the best possible eyewear solution and style for you.

Providing the best possible eye care has been our business for over 30 years. Eyewear plays a vital role in getting the most from your eye care. We understand that choosing the perfect eyewear can often be confusing, and at Broadhurst Optometrists our eyewear consultations are therefore designed to ensure that choosing glasses is not only effortless, but also lots of fun!

We are truly passionate about finding you the perfect solution and giving you the best possible vision for the demands of your lifestyle, all the while complimenting your individual style and personality.

Our eyewear consultations consist of 2 elements:
1) Prescription analysis/lens advice tailored to your lifestyle.
2) Frame selection/advice, tailored to your personal style/lifestyle.

Prescription analysis

We will assess your spectacle prescription and consider;

  • When will the glasses be worn? e.g. all day, reading, golf, sewing.
  • The cosmetic appearance of the lenses, e.g. lens thickness, reflections, tints.
  • The weight/comfort of the lens. e.g. higher prescriptions can cause heavy lenses.
  • Your budget – we will always aim to find the best solution whilst respecting your budget.

We will then recommend the ideal lens, or combination of lenses specifically tailored to your lifestyle and budget. We will also discuss the option of contact lenses where appropriate.

Frame selection

The second element of the consultation focuses on the frame choice. With such a wide choice, selecting the perfect frames without advice can seem like quite an undertaking. Our trained consultants are passionate about finding frames that you love. We understand that we are all unique and ‘one size fits all’ simply does not apply to eyewear. Frames vary from minimalist to bold and daring. Some ranges allow us to individually tailor the frame to your personal needs and style.

We will consider;

  • Where will the glasses be worn? e.g. all day, work, evenings out, sports.
  • The comfort/fit of the glasses.
  • Your colouring/face shape.
  • Your personality e.g bold and daring, minimalist and conservative.

Many clients are looking for just one pair of glasses to suit many needs, others prefer to select a wardrobe of glasses for different occasions/activities. Whatever your preference, our consultations are all about you. A personalised service for each individual. We thoroughly enjoy eyewear consulting, every consultation is as unique as you are.

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