Topcon Fundus Imaging

Available at our Opticians in Preston. Our fundus camera (often referred to as digital retinal photography) is included in both our Gold standard and Platinum standard eye examination (private or NHS upgrade). This retinal screening can check for glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts, age related macular degeneration and other conditions. The image capture is comfortable and only takes a few seconds; there is no contact with the eyes.
As we believe that this test is essential, we include fundus photography in all of our private eye examinations and offer the service as an upgrade at a small charge if you are entitled to an NHS examination.
This form of retinal photography differs from the Optomap retinal examination in that the area captured is much smaller. This fundus imaging is however of a higher resolution and therefore we recommend adding both fundus photography and Optomap retinal imaging to your eye examination.

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