Specialist Contact Lenses


This is a specialist lens designed for people with specific learning difficulties or colour vision deficiencies. Colour vision deficiency affect over 3 million people in the UK in some way. Defective colour vision can range from almost ‘normal’ ability to distinguish colours, to severe cases where people live in a ‘grey’ world. The haploscopic filters of the Chromagen lenses change the wavelength of each colour to enhance colour perception.
These lenses can be of benefit for some dyslexia/ visual stress/ migraine sufferers.

Specialist Cosmetic contact lenses

Where one eye is affected cosmetically, perhaps following an injury, a specialist lens can be made which is painted to match the unaffected eye.

Strab Lens

A lens for improving the cosmetic appearance of strabismus (turn of the eye). This is a large, soft lens fitted to a non-seeing eye, painted to match the other eye, where the pupil is also painted on the lens. This improves the appearance of the non-seeing eye.


A large, hard lens fitted over the cornea and sclera that works in a similar way to a Strab lens, but where the eye is sunken. The lens provides some bulk and is surprisingly comfortable to wear, with no lid sensation.


This is a disorder affecting the cornea, the front, transparent surface of the eye. Part of the central cornea becomes distorted by an abnormal thinning and produces a conical shape. In advanced cases, spectacles cannot provide a very good standard of vision and specialist contact lenses can often help. These can be gas permeable lenses, specially designed soft lenses or even hybrid lenses that have a gas permeable centre and soft periphery.

We fit many types of lenses for Keratoconus including Synergyes, SO2Clear, Softperm and Kerasoft.

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